Teddy Tots Curriculum

Teddy Tots Curriculum

Term 5

Welcome to term 5, our theme for this term is ‘exploring nature’. Key people have observed the children investigating and exploring when playing, so planned activities support this. If you would like any more information on what we will be doing, please ask. We will continue to sing our nursery rhyme each week too.


Week 1

(w/c 22/05/2019)

~Nursery Rhyme: Ding Dong Bell

Week 2

(w/c 29/05/2019)

~Nursery Rhyme: Jack Sprat

Week 3

(w/c 06/05/2019)

Little Miss Muffet
~Nursery Rhyme: Little Polly Flinders

Week 4

(w/c 13/05/2019)

~Nursery Rhyme: Tom, Tom, the piper’s son

Week 5

(w/c 20/05/2019)

~Nursery Rhyme: Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice

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