Teddy Tots Curriculum

Teddy Tots Curriculum

Term 3.

Welcome back after our winter break and welcome to the new children starting this term! Key People have been busy planning activities to support each child’s learning and development. A common interest was speaking, listening and using language, therefore our topic this term is ‘Our voice’.  Each week we will also be focusing on a different shape. We will continue to learn a weekly nursery rhyme. 

Week 1

(w/c 07/01/2019)

~Nursery Rhyme: Pussy cat, Pussy cat
~Shape: Circle

Week 2

(w/c 14/01/2019)

~Nursery Rhyme: Ring a Roses

Week 3

(w/c 21/01/2019)

~Nursery Rhyme: Sing a Song of sixpence
~Shape: Triangle

Week 4

(w/c 28/01/2019)

~Nursery Rhyme: Little Bo Peep
~Shape: Rectangle

Week 5

(w/c 4/02/2019)

~Nursery Rhyme: Ride a Cock horse
~Shape: Star

Week 6

(w/c 11/02/2019)

~Nursery Rhyme: Favourite Rhymes.

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