Rising School Curriculum

Rising School Curriculum


Term 3

The planning and learning aims for this term are based on the children’s interests and Next Steps identified by Key Workers.

This ‘core curriculum’ aims to meet children`s needs by providing a base for development and learning which works alongside activities which have been identified by Key Workers through observations and monitoring. Staff will also be guided by the children when the play is motivated by a child`s own activity or interest and day to day planning is adapted accordingly.



Week 1

(w/c 07/01/2019)

~Pussy cat, Pussy cat
~Introduce the senses
~Mixing colours

Week 2

(w/c 14/01/2019)

~Ring a Roses
~Road safety talk and role play
~Textures: collage / feely boxex

Week 3

(w/c 21/01/2019)

~Sing a Song of Sixpence
~Listening games

Week 4

(w/c 28/01/2019)

~Smell / Taste
~Little Bo Peep
~Healthy Eating
~Cooking: savoury/ sweet

Week 5

(w/c 04/02/2019)

~Chinese New Year
~Ride a Cock Horse
~Other Countries: warmer / colder

Week 6

(w/c 11/02/2019)

~Round and round the garden
~What we wear
~The seasons

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