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Parent Zone

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, information and resources available for your child throughout the Pre-school year.

Upcoming Events and Key Dates


We have two exciting vacancies available, both with a closing date of 19.04.21.

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Teddy Tot Sessions Running Usual Times from 8th March 2021

The Teddy Tot sessions are running from the usual time from next week (commencing 8th March)- which is 12.30 pm until 3 pm. Please also remember to 'social distance' when dropping-off and collecting children and; that adults need to wear a mask when on school site.

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We are hiring!

If you know anyone who might want to apply please let them know. Thank you  

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Graduation 2020

Dear Parents and Carers At this time of the year, we are usually planning; and looking forward to, our annual graduation ceremony; where we commend our children individually and present them with a teddy bear. This year, due to ongoing social distancing measures and...

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Re-opened today – Monday 1st June

Today we re-opened our pre-school.  It's been great to welcome back some of our little people.  Hope those of you who remain at home are happy, healthy and keeping safe 🙂

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Teddy Time! for w/c 18.05.20

Dear Parents and Carers Please see attached activities, to help keep your little ones busy this week! Best wishes From all at Rainbow Teddies RS Teddy Time WC 18 05 2020 TT Teddy Time WC 18 05 20 My-Workbook-P wc 18 05 20 Clare sequencing story sheet wc 18 05 20...

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Teddy Time! For week commencing 11.05.2020

Hello everyone, here are some things for you to do this week. Take care and stay safe! Best wishes from Nanda and all at Rainbow Teddies   RS Teddy Time WC 11 05 2020 TT Teddy Time WC 11 05 20 my-t-workbook The Very Hungry Caterpillar Number Workbook wc 11 05...

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Potential re-opening 1st June

*** IMPORTANT NOTICE*** Please could all parents and carers reply to the email they have been sent regarding re-opening on the potential date of 1st June. Please note that during the phased return period, people will not be able to just turn up with their child...

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Teddy Time! For week commencing 06.03.2020

Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed doing some of last weeks activities?  Are are some more for this week with an Easter theme! RS Teddy Time WC 06 04 20 T-T-5015-Design-An-Easter-Egg-A4-Worksheet Treasure Hunt Home Planning wc 06 04 20 TT Teddy Time WC 06 04...

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Term Dates Summer 2020

Term 5

Monday 20th April – Friday 22nd May
(South Glos.: same) Friday 8th May is Bank Holiday

Term 6

Monday 1st June – Friday 17th July
(South Glos.: Monday 1st June – Monday 20th July)

Term Dates Spring 2020

Term 3

Monday 6th January – Friday 14th February
(South Glos.: same)

Term 4

Monday 24th February – Friday 3rd April
(South Glos.: same)

Term Dates Autumn 2019

Term 1

Wednesday 4th Sept – Friday 25th October
(South Glos.: Monday 2nd September to Friday 25th October)

Term 2

Monday 4th November – Wednesday 18th December
(South Glos.: Monday 4th November to Friday 20th December)

Rainbow Teddies Handbook

Our handbook gives more detailed information about Rainbow Teddies, our aims and how we operate.  If you have any questions let us know.

Rising School Term 1

This “core curriculum” aims to meet children`s needs by providing a base for development and learning which works alongside activities which have been identified by Key workers through observations and monitoring. Staff will also be guided by the children when the play is motivated by a child`s own activity or interest and day to day planning is adapted accordingly.

Teddy Tots Term 1

As we welcome the children and their families to the Teddy Tot Sessions, staff will spend time getting to know the children and their parent/ carers. The ‘key person’ and the children will also start to build the important attachment that will help each child to feel safe and grow confident, as they begin to explore and develop their skills as an individual. The staff will support children to learn where to find their favourite resources and encourage them to use language to express their needs. Each week during this term, we will have a ‘Nursery Rhyme of the Week’ so that children can experience the ‘rhythm’ of language. Please see below, for the rhymes we will be learning this term:  We will also be exploring colours during the term.


If  you want more information and guidance regarding communication and speech or have any concerns regarding additional needs find some useful links on our Resources page.

Pre-school Policies

Our policies and procedures clearly state to staff and parents the procedures and protocol we follow in particular circumstances/situations. These policies are vital to the smooth running of the pre-school.

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